excuse us.

where, oh WHERE, have we been? well, rocket got the chicken pox (i think) and the stomach flu (i KNOW) this week. and then i got the stomach flu. and we are both just now starting to feel like we might pull through. so... a couple of things.

first, i meant to clarify after that last post with the dear abby type deal about motherhood... i did not post that as any type of booya! at all the delightful people i know who do not have children. in fact, i WAS ONE OF THOSE people. the reason i reposted was because i identified so strongly with the in-depth description of motherhood given in the article. THAT is how i feel. THAT is what i do with my time. that. there. FINALLY! i could never have said it so well. so clearly.

i hope no one was offended. i wish i could have cleared that up sooner, but i literally heard Rbaby spew his dinner about 45 seconds after i hit "publish post" on that one.

SECOND, and much more importantly... yesterday, during a moment of pillow diving bliss, i took a picture of rocket and... HE LOOKED LIKE ME!!!! see...

this is just what little me looked like. here's a closer look...

this is so incredibly exciting because it ALMOST NEVER HAPPENS. in fact, the last time it happened rocket couldn't even hold his head up. i tried finding the picture in my iphoto library and gave up. that's how long ago it was. here's how happy rocket was when i told him the last picture looked like mom-o...

just kidding. that's just how excited he gets when you say peekaboo!


i feel all warm and fuzzy.

because i just read this...

i'm sorry, but that's as big as it gets on here. click on the picture and it will take you to flickr where you can see it in a larger, readable size :)

seen here. via here.


fifteen months old today.

running with sticks.

time keeps flying. this guy is running everywhere and hamming it up constantly. what a little bud to have.

(i love this picture. it's backlit and you can't see his face very well, but you don't have to look closely to see the joy pouring out of him. he's like that just about all the time, but especially when he's running with a stick in his hand.)


new skill alerts.

he does it EVERY time you prompt and very frequently without any prompt at all. TO THE MOON!

wash the baby... :)

and this isn't a new skill, it's just us at breakfast this morning. we share oatmeal with blueberries, strawberries, and apples in it :)

and he smiles like this...

straw games.


caveman teething toy.

we had ribs for dinner the other night. i am a became-a-vegetarian-in-college-after-touring-a-slaughterhouse-for-class, dissected-every-animal-in-labs-for-years type, and am still mildly grossed out by them. rocket....is not.



in the morning sun.

i couldn't tell you / i couldn't tell you so many things / about how much i really love you / about how much you really mean


now we are home.

and i can share the snapshots from the last week.


he was frozen like this...

uncle travis. aidan. ratatouille.

exhaustion sets in...



i got this as a text...

this won't be checked off for AWHILE.

i was crouched around the corner poised to take his picture.

and look how long jade can hold a cheese!








with a joyful heart.

jasper and adeline

jasper hart and adeline harper. 6lbs 10oz and 7lbs 5oz, respectively, on 10 march 2011 after 39 laborious weeks of pregnancy and a labor like a speeding bullet. my sister delivered these two beauties naturally and was released from the hospital 24 hours later. she is a true champion and we have a good God.

chaos ensued immediately and this is - literally - the only picture i got of them.


mid and early.

Rbaby was sick yesterday (still a little under the weather today) and took an extra long nap. this afforded me some time to snug with a book and my number one fuzz with the windows open. it was BEAUTIFUL.

and this morning my handsome bud donned some strawberry juice lipstick.





random photo roundup.

i WILL NOT complain about the flickr app.
i WILL NOT complain about the flickr app.
i WILL NOT complain about the flickr app.
i WILL NOT complain about the flickr app.

here's some pictures of R and the ones he loves from the last week or so...

i spy rocket and dad-o playing a balloon game.

upon arriving in gainesville, R dons Jade's crocs and wields a stick. he remains in a close variation of this state for our entire stay in gainesville.

cheesy cousin jammie pictures :)


sleepy R plays with balloon.



breakfast in gainesville looks like this.

after breakfast in gainesville looks like this.

R gets out of long carseat lockdown and exercises some freedom (at what age does it stop being cute for him to have no pants on?).

R encounters adorable puppy in the village.

and crushes her skull (not really).

i will try to be better about posting. it's just i'm so LAZY. the flickr app really catered to this character flaw of mine.


beach stuff from almost a week ago.

the flickr app no longer works reliably (read: rarely works at all) on my phone. let's just leave it at that.

it took him a minute to warm up to it, but rocket LOVES the beach and the (freezing!) gulf. i had no intention of trying to get him in the water, as it was too cold for me. he went in on his own and, as you'll see at the bottom, did NOT want to come out.

when travis first started snapping pictures, rocket and i were running up and down and falling in the surf.







and then rock spotted him taking pictures.

but he was having too much fun to stop.





dad-o's turn to chase!



some videos of his madness...

and here's what happened when we made him get out.


ps- i finally got some great pictures this day on my lomo... now i just need to figure out how to get them on here!