add it to the list.

of obsessions, that is. pickles. you may remember rocket's pickle obsession from his birthday party that we do not speak of. well, it continues, and i don't mind because as it turns out cold pickles are handy for red hot swollen molars busting through your baby gums. here is rocket enjoying his post-dinner pickle. (this pickle eating is also extremely useful for occupying R while i clean up his dinner dishes!)

yes, he was peeking around my phone at me. and yes, that was a belch right there at the end. after dinner comes bathtime, and rocket doesn't usually come close to finishing his pickle. SOOO he brings it in the tub with him. and he invented a little pickle game. i was able to (sort of) capture it on video for you all.

he's a funny one. oh, and here's what i found when i went to take a shower much later.


here goes.

i really tried not to post this video. i spent a lot of time pondering it (is it appropriate? is it NOT appropriate?) and then, just now, i almost spewed tuna all over my keyboard watching it again. it's just too funny not to share. i recommend clicking on the YouTube link in the bottom right corner to watch it where you can see it bigger than you are able to here.

thanks for sharing, matt :)



rocket's most recent word (for a long-standing obsession)...

captured twice because i'm always hoping to get a video where my voice isn't super loud and his super soft. as you can see, i failed both times.


this very morning.

madden ran the kid's gasparilla!!! here he is getting ready. he threw the girls a bone and took his shirt off for a minute.

carbo loading...

and they're off!

with mommy, nonnie, and his medal.
mad dog's big race.

ignoring each other. ignoring me trying to take their picture together.

rocket refusing to look at mom-o.
mad dog's big race.

rocket refusing to like auntie c holding him.
mad dog's big race.


our friday.

i had a really bad morning, so rocket and i took off to sunny dunedin for an impromptu hang out with piper and drea. upon arriving, rocket rediscovered (as he seems to do almost every time we go) his old baby bouncy seat! he climbed in.

by some miracle, we got both babies to nap at the same time. success! jackie also napped.

when everyone woke up we all went for a walk. piper wears sunglasses like i've never seen any baby wear sunglasses. she actually leaves them on her face. i hurried to snap this picture, and she stared at me like "woah... settle down there lady. what's the rush?"

"mom, why's your friend so twitchy?"

piper's hair is coming in RED. we are all very excited.

rocket used this stall tactic to attempt to delay our departure. it worked (of course).

AND... it's aunt amanda's birthday today!!! happy birthday, aunt amanda! and congratulations on carrying your second set of twins longer than your first set of twins. you are officially 26 and (almost) don't have to share your birthday with two of your children :)


a sidenote.

dear radiohead,
thank you for being my favorite band ever. and thank you for announcing the release of your new album on monday, a day that was particularly nasty for me. and thank you for doing it by posting this on your blog...
...and telling the world that in a mere 4 days they would hear your most recent work of brilliance.

love you guys.

<3 franny.

new skills all over the place.

i guess this first one isn't technically a skill, but here's rocket being kookie.

here's rocket saying BOOM! and destroying the scuba friends with gusto.

and here's rocket tonight... smelling flowers, taming a lion, and answering the phone.

he's wild. and he's learning new stuff ALL. THE. TIME. consider yourself warned. watch what you do around this baby!


florida: it's in your blood.

here's my little floridian yesterday in his first pair of flops.

it didn't take long for the shirt to come off. he really embraced the spirit of flop wearing.




his favorite.

and i guess Mud is "dumb"


a rocket wilder valentine's greeting.

happy valentine's day. love, rocket

hahahaha OKKKKK mom-o is MEAN and dresses you up, slicks your hair down, and takes your picture while you're cutting molars and sick. i'm sorry, R :) here's some better shots from our valentine's shoot attempt.


seriously. those are the best ones. so now you see why that first picture posted first. it's the standout favorite.

i hope your day is filled with love instead of tears :)



time with dad-o.

some pictures from when i'm not around :) changing over the diaper laundry while mom-o gets tattooed.
diapers in.

what does this button do...

light off!

flower-smelling tiger.
flower tiger.

and today, rocket became king of the ducks.


mister blue.

rocket is NOT old enough for sidewalk chalk. do not give him sidewalk chalk. he eats it. see?

and then he gets mad at you for taking it away.

"feed me more chalk!!!!"

here's the outfit R rocked for aunt amanda and uncle justin's baby shower on sunday...

and here's R practicing his spitting technique while a nice lady from their church does a devotional about being a parent during the shower...

(T taught R to spit - somewhat inadvertently - and he...has NOT taught him appropriate vs. inappropriate places to spit. you can see this had been going on for some time as evidenced by how soaked his face is.)



this is probably one of my all-time favorite videos of rocket. it makes my heart swell to near-explosion levels.


the last day of january.

rocket's new thing:
smelling the flowers. ALL the flowers. EVERYWHERE. ALL the time.

rocket's new nickname:


rocket's new toy:
rocket play tent.
rocket tent.

rocket tent.

what the cats do with rocket's new toy while he takes a nap:

1pm, rocket wakes up from a nap like this:

0.5 seconds later he's doing this: