me time.

yesterday, i spent the longest time away from rocket since his birth (6.5 hours! almost the whole day!) and took some time to do something other than be a mom. i took some time to... well, to be a warrior.

carolyn talked me into doing this race (click HERE! and wait for video to load) called the warrior dash. it was basically a 5k with a bunch of obstacles and a crowd of rowdy, costume-wearing, beer-drinking silly people. our training involved eating publix subs before the race; we didn't drink beer, but we did wear costumes. several people liked our outfits so much they asked to photograph us. i guess we look good in mustaches.
dos mustachios.

ck's get-up.

super c.

my get-up.

super t.

yes, i made that cape with a sewing machine. here's the "team photo"... i did not receive the red cape memo.

the gist of this thing was a lot of mud (wading through, running through, crawling through), a lot of climbing things (over trees, barbed wire, plywood walls, rope structures), and some leaping over fire (well, just two fire jumps right at the end). really it was no joke. my dad and his wife came out to see the mayhem and took a bunch of great photos (though we did not get a photo of us together...foolish!). here's ck and i right before the fire leaping.

me, giddy from my near death experience. ck, terrified in the face of hers.

super t diving into the final and most devastating mud obstacle.

mustachioed mud swimmers.

super t emerging from the mud pit.

ck emerging from the mud pit.

and here we are basking in the disgusting glory of our accomplishment.

just to prove this was no joke, i'll show you the injuries we suffered.
ck: ankle.

super t: sunburn.

ok ok... hers is worse than mine :) we had fun despite 4 hours in the car and 1 hour of mud removal. i still haven't figured out what it means that this is what we choose to arrange childcare for and do in our free time but... ya know. what're you gonna do.



you're welcome :)

scoot scoot and the artichoke dance.

on wednesday, travis asked a little boy at the park if rocket could ride his scooter. he said yes, and travis put rocket on. he began to zoom him around while rocket maintained an expression of disbelief combined with utter bliss. on his second loop he started making a low "wooooooo" noise. it was very sweet and special.

in this video (from yesterday) you will see rocket riding a little girl's scooter (also borrowed by dad-o). by the time i went and got my phone out of the car he was already tired in addition to extremely hungry so... not the best reflection of his love for scooters. decided to post anyway. note: the little girl following travis around asking for a turn on the scooter is not, in fact, the owner of said scooter. she is some other little girl whose mother is apparently not bothered by her lack of patience.

immediately after that video was recorded, we scooped rocket up and went to eat. rocket and i had our first artichoke experience at dinner. he reallllllly liked it (or maybe it was the butter?). if you know travis you know that when HE realllllly likes food he does a little food dance while he's eating it. well. no DNA test needed here.



one, two, buckle my shoe.

the collection begins. i wonder how many pairs he will have over his lifetime :)

just. like. daddy.


bath battle, parts one and two.

the beginning:

the rematch:


in lieu of whining.

rocket had this habit of whining at your feet if he wanted you to pick him up. not cute. yesterday mommom decided to teach him something else to say instead...

"up" in your arms. "up" on the couch. "up" goes the ball. "up" for no reason at all :)


just found.

funny timing. from the zoo a few weeks back. travis kept saying "don't look at the preview screen! look down at the camera! down at the camera!"


a visit and some record sleep.

rocket and i visited piper and drea on thursday. piper is 5 months old, and she put up with rocket very well. he even tried to bite her, and she still likes him! here they are wrestling (there are lots more of these pictures, but these are the only ones i could get to upload. flickr app... we need to talk).

because piper and drea live in dunedin, rocket had to miss his afternoon nap for the visit. i'm not sure if this is the reason or not but... he slept from 6pm til 5:45am without waking! and then he had a snack and slept until 7:45am! this may not be exciting to you, but it sure is to me. i kept waking up and thinking "maybe i should go check on him....ZZZZZZZZZZ"

when rocket wakes up from his nap i'm going to take him and mud to the dog beach. i will be by myself, so i'm thinking there won't be any pictures to share.



rainy days call for bbq lipstick.

yesterday we had a whole plan for the day that totally went out the window due to rain and electrical outlet malfunctions. bbq and the aquarium, anyone?

bbq lipstick.



"look, dad-o"


and this guy was just too cool not to photograph.

i found this video while rifling through my pictures. my, how he has grown. have you ever seen such a fat baby?!?!



polaroid sunday.

kissin' cousins.
kissin cousins.

blurred sweetness.
cousin ella.

guard cat (that's rocket's door... he's inside sleeping).
guard cat.




my little danger mouse had an exciting thursday. first, a cheese snack. he was looking so handsome i had to take his picture (plus, i'd already gotten totally ready to leave while he was sleeping... so i was literally just standing around waiting for him to finish his cheese snack).

"wait, i'm not ready..."
wait, I'm not ready.

"why are you taking my picture again?"
why are you taking my picture?

"oh MOM..."
oh MOM.

"alright. if i MUST cheese it up."
i just love you.

"so cheesy i'm drooling my cheesy bites!"
so cheesy I'm drooling my cheesy bites!

after i cleaned the cheese drool off his sweatshirt we ran errands and hit the park. R did some swinging. i had the best view...

"stop. embarrassing. me. mother." (it should be noted there was a pretty 2.5yr old girl on the swing next to him)
stop embarrassing me mom.

upon returning home and being forced to try pureed steak, spinach, and carrots (HATES it!), danger mouse exacts his revenge on mom-o by climbing the food seat while she cleans all the dishes she dirtied making the food he hated and refused to eat.

now i don't want to hear "how could you let your child climb on that thing like that?!?! and on a tile FLOOR!!!" i was less than a foot away from him and poised to catch his clumsy self. my reflexes are akin to those of a mongoose. fear not for my child's safety.



let the tattooing commence.

finally started work on my cover-up yesterday after 10 months (whoops!). this is why phil is the only man allowed to touch my skin now.
pretty bird.

pretty bird.

yeah, that's a dragon. mmhm.

oh, more new skills.

i actually think this qualifies as a game. whatever it is, rocket loves it. he also soccer dribbled this ball around the house this morning. look out, sports world!

(this video was taken before 8am. R has an extreme appreciation for starting early!)


new skill alert.

talking... let the games begin!


upon awakening.

from morning, noon, and night sleep... jack cat always gets a love attack. personally, i'm a little jealous.

they are slightly ridiculous. i mean really. i put this many pictures up so you could see how long this goes on... from me spotting the love session til colby exits the love session. so i think the feeling is mutual.


nibbles and hugs.

rocketman's favorites...


dad-o, goats, and colby jack.


life for the last three days.

while amanda and justin are in new york city enjoying things like snow, alone time, and...

we are here in tampa enjoying things like...




this guy works hard.

baby rocket takes his job very seriously.


for those of you that didn't know.

travis got me an awesome vintage camera strap for christmas (requested after being inspired by my friend dimitri's amazing one he stole from his mom's camera). i love it. so this is what i will look like when i'm taking your picture from now on. and you're welcome for not taking 5 seconds to clean the mirror before i took this photo.
new to me camera strap.


a more timely new year's post.

we began our new year's day at ella grace's 2nd birthday party. i forgot my camera, so you'll be enjoying NO pictures from that event, wonderful though it was (sidenote: the party was inside, but the weather was beautiful). anyone with pictures can send them to me!

in the afternoon we took rocket to the park here where they have a fountain for kids to play in. you know, because that's what you DO in florida on new year's day.... splash around in the water outside. rocket looked very old-fashioned in his shorts. his newly mastered walking skills make this activity extremely fun, though he still likes to share his fun with dad-o and mom-o via a finger or two sometimes.







his choice expression of late... i haven't quite figured out what it means yet.








one of my favorites from the day.


though the weather was temperate, the water was FREEZING. nothing a good towel wrap couldn't fix.


mud was there, too! but they have a "no dogs in the fountain" rule.

studying other kids.

cutting molars :(

seeing double.