our friday.

i had a really bad morning, so rocket and i took off to sunny dunedin for an impromptu hang out with piper and drea. upon arriving, rocket rediscovered (as he seems to do almost every time we go) his old baby bouncy seat! he climbed in.

by some miracle, we got both babies to nap at the same time. success! jackie also napped.

when everyone woke up we all went for a walk. piper wears sunglasses like i've never seen any baby wear sunglasses. she actually leaves them on her face. i hurried to snap this picture, and she stared at me like "woah... settle down there lady. what's the rush?"

"mom, why's your friend so twitchy?"

piper's hair is coming in RED. we are all very excited.

rocket used this stall tactic to attempt to delay our departure. it worked (of course).

AND... it's aunt amanda's birthday today!!! happy birthday, aunt amanda! and congratulations on carrying your second set of twins longer than your first set of twins. you are officially 26 and (almost) don't have to share your birthday with two of your children :)

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