add it to the list.

of obsessions, that is. pickles. you may remember rocket's pickle obsession from his birthday party that we do not speak of. well, it continues, and i don't mind because as it turns out cold pickles are handy for red hot swollen molars busting through your baby gums. here is rocket enjoying his post-dinner pickle. (this pickle eating is also extremely useful for occupying R while i clean up his dinner dishes!)

yes, he was peeking around my phone at me. and yes, that was a belch right there at the end. after dinner comes bathtime, and rocket doesn't usually come close to finishing his pickle. SOOO he brings it in the tub with him. and he invented a little pickle game. i was able to (sort of) capture it on video for you all.

he's a funny one. oh, and here's what i found when i went to take a shower much later.



  1. haha, he totally burps, you laugh, then he looks at you all innocently like, whaaat mom? ;)

  2. That is quite possibly the most hilarious pickle eating I have ever seen :) Who'd have thought a pickle could be so great at entertaining? Love it!