a visit and some record sleep.

rocket and i visited piper and drea on thursday. piper is 5 months old, and she put up with rocket very well. he even tried to bite her, and she still likes him! here they are wrestling (there are lots more of these pictures, but these are the only ones i could get to upload. flickr app... we need to talk).

because piper and drea live in dunedin, rocket had to miss his afternoon nap for the visit. i'm not sure if this is the reason or not but... he slept from 6pm til 5:45am without waking! and then he had a snack and slept until 7:45am! this may not be exciting to you, but it sure is to me. i kept waking up and thinking "maybe i should go check on him....ZZZZZZZZZZ"

when rocket wakes up from his nap i'm going to take him and mud to the dog beach. i will be by myself, so i'm thinking there won't be any pictures to share.


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