scoot scoot and the artichoke dance.

on wednesday, travis asked a little boy at the park if rocket could ride his scooter. he said yes, and travis put rocket on. he began to zoom him around while rocket maintained an expression of disbelief combined with utter bliss. on his second loop he started making a low "wooooooo" noise. it was very sweet and special.

in this video (from yesterday) you will see rocket riding a little girl's scooter (also borrowed by dad-o). by the time i went and got my phone out of the car he was already tired in addition to extremely hungry so... not the best reflection of his love for scooters. decided to post anyway. note: the little girl following travis around asking for a turn on the scooter is not, in fact, the owner of said scooter. she is some other little girl whose mother is apparently not bothered by her lack of patience.

immediately after that video was recorded, we scooped rocket up and went to eat. rocket and i had our first artichoke experience at dinner. he reallllllly liked it (or maybe it was the butter?). if you know travis you know that when HE realllllly likes food he does a little food dance while he's eating it. well. no DNA test needed here.


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