me time.

yesterday, i spent the longest time away from rocket since his birth (6.5 hours! almost the whole day!) and took some time to do something other than be a mom. i took some time to... well, to be a warrior.

carolyn talked me into doing this race (click HERE! and wait for video to load) called the warrior dash. it was basically a 5k with a bunch of obstacles and a crowd of rowdy, costume-wearing, beer-drinking silly people. our training involved eating publix subs before the race; we didn't drink beer, but we did wear costumes. several people liked our outfits so much they asked to photograph us. i guess we look good in mustaches.
dos mustachios.

ck's get-up.

super c.

my get-up.

super t.

yes, i made that cape with a sewing machine. here's the "team photo"... i did not receive the red cape memo.

the gist of this thing was a lot of mud (wading through, running through, crawling through), a lot of climbing things (over trees, barbed wire, plywood walls, rope structures), and some leaping over fire (well, just two fire jumps right at the end). really it was no joke. my dad and his wife came out to see the mayhem and took a bunch of great photos (though we did not get a photo of us together...foolish!). here's ck and i right before the fire leaping.

me, giddy from my near death experience. ck, terrified in the face of hers.

super t diving into the final and most devastating mud obstacle.

mustachioed mud swimmers.

super t emerging from the mud pit.

ck emerging from the mud pit.

and here we are basking in the disgusting glory of our accomplishment.

just to prove this was no joke, i'll show you the injuries we suffered.
ck: ankle.

super t: sunburn.

ok ok... hers is worse than mine :) we had fun despite 4 hours in the car and 1 hour of mud removal. i still haven't figured out what it means that this is what we choose to arrange childcare for and do in our free time but... ya know. what're you gonna do.

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