the original.

around here we call rocket "the main man" because, well... we all answer to him. however, in my life the ORIGINAL main man has orange fur and a fabulous tail. he's the sweetest of his species in existence, as illustrated by these pictures taken moments ago.


colby jack, i love you. and so does rocket. he even pets jack now! well... with a little help :)


rucksack rocket.

learned some new baby carrying methods this morning. here's the rucksack :)

did the thumb dance to keep him happy.



big boy.

yesterday was a big day for rocket... he faced OUT in the baby bjorn when we walked the pup! he LOVED it, as you can see.

he took a celebratory bath. like he does every day.


mostly dad.

spending quality time with his main man last night and this morning.



and some of you may recognize this from a post back in july... click HERE! to see it. yes, it's a 6-12 month onesie. yes, he just turned 3 months on the 19th. i've got my "someone to put in it" and... he couldn't be more amazing.







dear diary.

found this picture of a certain two year old on saturday while attempting to assist mom in massive picture sorting project. hard to believe said two year old is now a mom, previously mentioned mom a grandmom. my how time flies. still love lollipops and jaguars (or cheetahs? who can tell. love them both). love face painting less now, at least for myself. looking forward to having my own rascally two year old running around. for now i'm enjoying goos and boos and smiles and poops so loud they startle me while i'm nursing him and typing a blog :)


oh those summer nights.

rode home from grandma's in the nude. loved it.


grins and grannies.

rocket finally got to meet his great granny this week. he sat so nicely on her lap...
great granny

he gets blurry when she kisses him though :)
granny kiss

he also took a nap on his mommom...

and flirted with me after i changed his diaper...

that's all for now because he's yelling at me for taking so long.



and this after a nuclear meltdown. i guess he wanted to stay home yesterday.



trying desperately to wake up from a 3 hour nap on sunday afternoon.