i want to say things. i want to record the wondrous feelings i have about this guy and being his mom. every time i try i just end up pasting the code for the picture and thinking "i can't say anything that will top this" so... there ya go :) when he smiles at me i could die from happiness.


the plague.

we've all been really sick. wednesday got it first, then rocket, then me and trav. rocket ended up on the nebulizer, and i ended up on antibiotics. it's been... a long couple of weeks. here are a few snapshots.

me and my heart:

travis steaming the boy (one of my all-time favorites, i must admit):

fat man in a jacuzzi:



my little man is sick [booooo :( ], so i nebulized him on the sneak.
when he woke up he looked like this [notice: belly].

then he had a conversation with colby. it went like this...
R: hey cat. hey CAT!
C: .........what.

R: hey tell me what's goin' on out that window.
C: umm, nothing much just a robot vs. alien all-out naval battle in the deep end of the pool.

R: i...don't believe you.
C: ok. why do you have puppies on your feet?

R: because i'm AWESOME!
C: you're an idiot.


little explorer.

this is what i get to wake up to in the morning. luckiest girl on the planet.

adorable rocket pjs courtesy of great granny. we can't wait to see her in a couple weeks!!!