partners in crime.

i just found these pictures (taken about a month ago at the twins' birthday party) and realized the magnitude of what i caught on film - err, memory card. these two were sitting together, whispering and giggling, while i fulfilled my duties as party photographer. i happened to catch them mid-plot, as seen here...


and then trying their best to look innocent, as seen here...


with a little prying the truth came out. my grandmother was telling travis the old man sitting across from them was sitting in HER chair. she was attempting to convince trav to get to the man to move, while travis assured her she could take the man in a fight. in the spirit of full disclosure, you should know this guy was wheeling an oxygen tank around with him on the rare occasion he moved from the chair.


start something.

i'm not often moved to tears (although, i must admit... this HAS become a more frequent occurrence since i started growing my little man. the pregnancy book calls it "weepiness" and travis makes fun of it). i'm just not really a crier. however, there's nothing quite like the ever elusive happy cry. at first this video seemed funny - and it is. extremely funny, in fact. it's also quite powerful.

(my friend and old neighbor alyson, who moved to portland and writes unruly.things, has a crew of blog friends. one of them posted this video on her site, freckle farm. i... lurk on the internet. don't we all, though? wait... we don't? i'm alone in this? damnit.)

indecent exposure.

my friends the couch and absentmindedness conspired against me (and you) this week to delay the posting of these, our most recent ultrasound photos (13 august 2009).

little nosey, ear, and boxing mitts...

i had to ask for a foot picture for travis... a whopping 4cm long, ladies and gentlemen!

AND the goods...

he's... definitely a BOY :)



if you don't have it... get it. bon iver. for emma, forever ago.


bag lady.

awesome bags are one of my few obsessions (along with notebooks, tiny objects, and t-shirts), and, after noticing that diaper bags are KEY in this whole baby toting thing, i obsessed over and then purchased these glorious accessories. the idea is that the one goes inside the other with mom's keys/wallet/phone... well, you know.

the porter:


the clutch:


the porter and the clutch are from moop, a delightful company that designs and produces handmade bags of all sizes. my mom got me the orange market bag two birthdays ago, and i've carried it exclusively as my purse since then. fantastic stuff.

i've been forbidden to buy any more baby stuff since that's apparently what a shower is for so... this will be my last "look what i got for the baby bean" post :)



i didn't get a picture of the OTHER bug clinging to me but... here's bug #2 on the way to go grocery shopping. bug #1 was on mommy.




every morning i'm home alone he sits, stares, and purrs while i eat, drink, and read the news. we're the odd couple.